RVTD 2040 Transit Master Plan


Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) is undergoing a process to review the transit services and facilities provided in the Rogue Valley service area with the purpose of identifying near-, mid-, and long-term transit services for the existing RVTD service area and the surrounding areas into which RVTD may extend. Once developed, the 2040 Transit Master Plan will provide RVTD Board of Directors, managers, and staff a framework for providing transit and transit-related serviced to the Rogue Valley and beyond. It will be the only plan in Jackson County and the Rogue Valley dedicated to transit and is intended to be used by RVTD to identify new services, further policy discussions, and achieve significant progress in RVTD departments.

TMP November Amendment Draft Available! - Click Here

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Draft Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term Transit Service Visions

Further details are provided with the draft Transit Master Plan and will be discussed via Community Open House #3 and Virtual Open House #3 in June. Input from the public, advisory committees, and staff will be incorporated before the Transit Master Plan goes before the Board of Directors for adoption in late June. (Images created with Remix)


RVTD currently operates under the “Rogue Valley Transportation District Ten-Year Long Range Plan, 2007-2017”, which was adopted in 2007. Although it served as a starting point for community discussion regarding transit, the current plan is outdated both in terms of service planning and approaches to providing public transportation.

In addition, RVTD is fiscally sound but faces future funding challenges. In 2016, voters passed a 5-year levy, which allowed RVTD to keep recently-added services and provided funds for two new routes. However, RVTD faces a looming revenue deficiency in 2022 once the 5-year levy expires.

Vision and Goals

More information about the schedule for upcoming meetings and the results of past meetings is found on the Meetings page.

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Project Fact Sheet

Public Involvement Overview